Our Role: Web Designer / Developer - designed in Photoshop, developed for Drupal.

Technology used: Photoshop, Illustrator, PHP, HTML, CSS, Jquery, MySQL, Drupal

Project: CocoAmatrice.com

CocoAmatrice is an Artisan Chocolate & Gelato Tasting Salon located in old town Paradise, California. They offer a distinctive choice in all things chocolate and focus on European flavors and textures that are artistically beautiful and positively delicious. Their confections use much higher percentages of chocolate than traditionally found in the States. The Salon also features all-natural Gelatos, Sorbettos, French inspired Desserts, and Specialty Beverages.

CocoAmatrice.com was designed in photoshop and hand coded in HTML/CSS as a theme for the Drupal CMS. Jquery was used to create the the image slider on the home page as well as the expand/contract feature for lengthy text areas. The logo was originally a painted image. I vectorized the logo using Illustrator and cleaned up the cameo that is an integral part of CocoAmatrice's branding.

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